VR NOW Awards 2019: FAQ


What are the VR NOW Awards?
The VR NOW Awards honor and highlight the greatest achievements in VR, AR, MR and 360° video. Participants can submit to four different categories, while all nominees compete for the Grand Prize. This years VR NOW Awards will be held as part of the MediaTech Hub Conference at Potsdam, Germany on November 19th, 2019. 

Who is behind the VR NOW Awards?
The VR NOW Con & Awards – Europe’s premiere conference for Immersive Media started in 2016 as a way to bring the international community of VR creatives, business developers, and technological masterminds to Berlin and Potsdam. Since then, each year the VR NOW Awards have highlighted the greatest achievements in VR, AR, MR and 360° video.

The VR NOW Awards 2019 are curated and organized by Booster Space on behalf of VRBB as part of the MediaTech Hub Conference.

When will the award show happen? 
During the MediaTech Hub Conference, November 19. The exact time will be announced soon. 

Where will the award show happen?
In Potsdam, Germany at the Rotor Film in Studio Babelsberg, near Berlin.

How do I get access to the Award Show?
All MTHC-conference ticket holders will receive access to the award show. Nominees will receive MTHC-conference tickets.

Where can I find detailed information about the Award categories and more?
Most information can be found in our VR NOW Awards Submission Fee Shop. But feel free to download this PDF with all relevant information. 



Who may apply?
Any XR project is eligible as long as it has not been exhibited or released to the public before January 2018. For more information visit our VR NOW Awards Submission Fee Shop or take a look at this PDF.

  1. How to apply? 
    Read the VR NOW Awards eligibility rules here
  2. Pay the fee in our VR NOW Awards Submission Fee Shop. Please pay the fee once per category you want to apply to. (Example: For 2 categories, 2 fees have to be paid)
  3. Last but not least, submit your project and required details until September 15!

Do entries have to be in english?
While german is also possible, we highly recommended english as the chosen language.

Can I apply to more than one category?
Yes. You can apply to as many categories as you see fit. Please note that for each category you wish to submit to, one submission fee has to be paid. 

Can I submit more than one project?
Yes. But please note that the submission fee has to be paid once per category for each entry.

Can I cancel my submission?
No, but if you want to make changes to it, feel free to contact us before September 15.

I’m not sure my entry was received. What should I do?
We will send you a confirmation mail, but please note that this might take a few days. If you do not receive a confirmation mail, please contact us at vrnowcon@booster-space.com.



Who is in the jury?
The submitted projects will be reviewed in two rounds by independent juries consisting of renowned authors, founders, curators, journalists, investors and other representatives of the XR, technology and media industries. The jury will be announced in the upcoming weeks. 

How are the nominees selected?
For each category there is a different expert jury group. Being the first round of the decision process, the expert jury makes a preselection of three projects per category. All the selected projects, nominees, also compete for the VR NOW Grand Prize.

How are the winners selected?
A separate jury – the main jury – then decides on the final winners per category and selects the winner of the VR NOW Grand Prize. 

On what criteria are the entries evaluated by? 
Projects are evaluated by originality, immersion, overall quality, potential and relevance.

How will I know if I am nominated/won? 
We will contact nominees through the emails provided. Winners will be announced during the award show November 19, as part of the MediaTech Hub Conference.



Where can I buy tickets for the MediaTech Hub Conference? 

Does submitting my project and paying the submission fee grant me access to the MTHC?
No. Only MTHC ticket holders will have access to the conference. Nominees will receive two conference tickets (per project) for free. If you are nominated and already hold MTHC tickets, please reach out to vrnowcon@booster-space.com and we will process the issue in accordance with the MTHC-ticket-team.

Will nominees receive access to the conference?
Yes. Every nominated team receives two free conference tickets and access to the award show. 


We hope this FAQ could help! 

But if you couldn’t find your answer, had any issues with the submission process or payment please contact vrnowcon@booster-space.com