VR NOW Con & Awards – Europe’s premier conference for Immersive Media. Started in 2016 as a way to bring the international community of VR creatives, business developers and technological masterminds to Berlin and Potsdam, the most exciting region in the world. Forgive us the bias.

In 2018, the VR NOW Con & Awards becomes part of something even bigger – the MediaTech Con.  MediaTech Con is the key convention for future media technologies and the business behind entertainment. Together with VR NOW CON & Awards  and  Changing the Picture (CTPiX), MediaTech Con offers a common platform with pioneering talks and workshops within a two-day program in Potsdam-Babelsberg.

Partner Events. VR NOW started working with partners such as the European Film Market (EFM) of Berlinale on specially tailored subevents for their existing formats. Since 2017 we host events within the framework of EFM Horizon. At the EFM VR NOW Summit you will  explore the opportunities of Virtual Reality and 360 video – as a technology, as a platform, as a medium – together with us and our partners. This event is dedicated to professionals from the film and TV business who are fascinated by the artistic possibilities and business opportunities of immersive media.

Event and award show are hosted by Virtual Reality e.V. Berlin-Brandenburg, the VR association of the capital region, organized by Booster Space – Made with Love in Berlin and funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg

The Conference. The VR NOW Con brings together an eclectic mix of exciting people from all over the world. International speakers give inspiring input on developments, trends, and emerging technologies. The goal is to show the world what is happening now in the VR, AR, MR and other realities.

The Awards. The VR NOW Award is the first European award dedicated to Virtual Reality experiences. We give away prizes for great achievements in four categories: Impact, Industry, Entertainment and Technology. The Grand Prize celebrates the best project of the year, selected from all the nominees in the other categories.

The Exhibition. Get your hands on the newest developments, experiments, games and 360° movies in Virtual Reality, try out new interfaces and gadgets. Experience VR as it is now.



VRBB (short for “Virtual Reality Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.”) is a publicly funded association dedicated to advancing the virtual, augmented and mixed reality industries. VRBB is bringing together the diverse group of immersive technology players and their expertise in Germany’s capital region. VRBB is forming a virtual conglomerate that can effectively partner with international associations in the area of 360° media, virtual-, augmented- and mixed reality. Our members are HighTech companies, established Media Companies, Research Institutes and Universities, as well as Start-Ups, Freelancers and plain VR enthusiasts. VRBB is a One-Stop shop for innovative and high-quality VR and AR products.


Michael Liebe
CEO & Founder

Tim Rittmann
Head of Program

Lena Alter

Mikolaj Tarnowski
Event Manager

Sandy Kramer

Tom Fischer
Graphic Designer

Joscha Neumann
Speaker Manager

Booster Space – with its headquarters in Berlin and a global network of partners and contacts – is a professional event organiser and specialist in developing brands. Working in collaboration with experienced and qualified partners in the areas of production, PR and design, Booster Space facilitates the efficient organisation and successful promotion of events and other projects, as well as offering concept development, marketing strategies and event production from a single source. At the forefront of Booster Space’s interdisciplinary work is the desire to create and realise projects in an authentic and exciting way. The agency is the founder and manager of #gamesweekberlin.



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