Premium networking service at VR NOW Con


MeetToMatch is the most effective way to do business at events. The premium event networking service is aimed at meeting potential business partners by choice rather than chance. Imagine a day full of  30-minute meetings, where you meet dozens of new business partners face-to-face. This is much more than just being a meeting application: you get a personal matchmaker assigned that can help out with all your questions, and who chases all participants to fill out the profile information and actively use it and respond to incoming meeting requests.

A couple of months before the event, the online meeting manager is opened, which eventually contains all the participants of MeetToMatch, including a profile and explanation of what each participant is looking for.
The meetings are held at a separate location at the venue, only accessible for participants of MeetToMatch.

Every business ticket holder of the VR NOW Con & Awards will be registered automatically to this system with the purchase of a ticket. Attendees can opt out this system upon request.

For more information on MeetToMatch read more on their website.


  • Step 1 – Register online
    Early registration increases your chance to find potential partners.

  • Step 2 – Create your online profile
    Present your company projects and services to show the world why you are the best! A personal matchmaker will be assigned to you.

  • Step 3 – Organize your agenda
    Use the online meeting system to plan your meetings. Invite possible partners or accept received invitations to meet on-site. Block time-slots for lunch or that conference session you wanted to see.

  • Step 4 – Personalized matchmaking
    After you reached out to interesting companies, your matchmaker might help you getting that declined meeting request accepted, or suggest additional potential partners.

  • Step 5 – The meetings
    Use the 30-minute meetings on-site to exchange ideas or pitch your product.

  • Step 6 – Fill in the gaps
    Last minute meetings can be arranged by the matchmaker on-site or you can visit conference sessions.

  • Step 7 – Network
    Be present in the MeetToMatch arena to meet unexpected new contacts. Socialize at the bar and the party.