Speaking opportunities at VR NOW Con & Awards

At VR NOW Con we believe that exploring immersive media is a unique endeavor. There is so much unknown territory to discover, a map with huge white spots surrounding us in 360 degrees, a challenge that brings people together. We want to give explorers and pioneers of VR, MR and AR a platform to present their discoveries, to get together, and find new friends and possible travel companions. In between we will have a drink. We expect 500+ attendees at the VR NOW Con and up to 1000 to come and visit the combined conferences. Our experienced speaker management team will make sure that planning your trip to Berlin and Potsdam will be smooth and uncomplicated. It‘s like booking with a travel agency that is also enthusiastic about VR. If you are interested in speaking or presenting, we‘re happy to hear from you.

Schedule 2018

The focus of VR NOW Con 2018 lies on Applied VR and AR for industries and Location Based VR – with a special showcase for Cinematic VR suited for cinemas. November 13: The Speaker and VIP Dinner will be held in Berlin. November 14: The conference in Potsdam takes place on two days between Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday we will feature 2 keynotes / panel discussions on the Media Tech Con Stage. Several workshops seek to spread wisdom among the people. The day will end with our VR NOW Awards Show. November 15: More talks and panels on our dedicated VR NOW Con track and 2 more keynotes on the Media Tech Con Stage follow the next day.

Former speakers at VR NOW Con

Gabo Arora (United Nations VR),  Thomas Bedenk (Exozet),  Sven Bliedung (SLICE),  Paul Bouchard (Wide VR),  Ditti Bürgin-Brook (La Siala),  Matt Collado (Littlestar),  AC Coppens (The Marketing Catalysts),  Kristian Costa-Zahn (Ufa LABS),  Maria Courtial (FaberCourtial),
Sebastian Endler (Amilux Film),  Ian Forester (VR Playhouse),  Markus Gabriel (University of Bonn),  Pawel Gajda (Carbon Studio),
Anika Giese (Axel Springer),  Christian Glessner (Hololux),  Peter Hu (Auctoreal),  Ioulia Isserlis (AnotherWorld VR),
Laura Jeffords Greenberg (Littlestar),  James Jensen (THE VOID),  Dominik Kaeser (Google),  Sönke Kirchhof (INVR.SPACE),
Marcus Kühne (Audi),  Oli Lane (VR Concept),  Brett Leonard (Studio LightShip),  Pieter van Leugenhagen (Yondr),  Rebecca Liu (VRCore),
Eddie Lou (Sandbox VR),  Greg Louden (3rd Eye Studios),  Alysha Naples (former Magic Leap),  Karen Nemeth (realities.io),  Yiming Niu (ARA),  Gayatri Parameswaran (NowHere Media),  Pedro Lopes (Hasso Plattner Institute),  Lina Reinsbakken (Nornstudio),  Marcus Ritter (Interlake),  Stephane Rituit (Felix & Paul),  Max Sacker (AnotherWorld VR),  Max Salomon (Black Dot Films VR),  Oliver Schreer (Fraunhofer HHI),
Debby Shepard (AltSpace VR),  Christopher Sibley (Phenomenon Media),  Sven Slazenger (Interlake),
Sarah Kinga Smith (Reverse Engineering Studios),  Daniel Sproll (realities.io),  Philip Steinfatt (VR Nerds),
Andrew van Wyk (River Road Entertainment),  Sara Lisa Vogl (VR Base)

and many more.

Speaker Management

Tim Rittmann
Program Director
Booster Space

Joscha Neumann
Speaker Manager
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