2016 FAQ

What is the VR NOW Con?
Ahhh, the important questions first! The VR NOW Con is the first stand-alone business and development conference & awards exclusively dedicated to VR in Germany. The one-day event connects essential aspects of VR and celebrates outstanding technical, business, and artistic achievements in virtual reality.

When does the VR NOW Con take place?
On Wednesday, November 16, 2016.

And where?
At Schiffbauergasse, Potsdam, GERMANY

Why do you make the VR NOW Con?
Because we believe in VR! And we love VR! We see all this potential and all these people that are so excited about this new technology, so we decided to make an event that asks the questions we all want to be answered. We want to push VR, we want to celebrate it and we want to be inspired by it. That’s we we are making VR NOW Con.

Then, why should I go to VR NOW Con?
Because here you can feel the passion and love for VR in every talk, every project and every person participating in this event. But even if you’re an introvert or not interested in love and passion, you should come and listen to high class speakers about basal questions of the medium. And don’t you want to know how to pat a cat in VR? Achoo! Hier fehlt da money: meet new partners in crime, connect with clients and customers etc

What about these Awards everybody is talking about.
“Oh, you heard about them, did you? No surprise, they’re the first German awards dedicated exclusively to VR. The VR Now Awards 2016 celebrate outstanding technical, business, and artistic achievements in virtual reality. They features the three main fields of VR: Tech Biz and Art. And – on top – a GRAND PRIZE! Awesome!

If you want to submit your game, hurry – deadline ends on Oct 16. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Check the rules and pay the fee
  2. Submit your project
  3. Cheer – you made it!

What can I win? vrwinkebär! why?

And do you also have a showcase with VR projects?
Indeed. All the nominees of our VR NOW Awards will be featured in an exclusive expo for conference attendees.

Where do I get my ticket?
At Eventbrite, our Official Ticket Partner: vrnowcon.eventbrite.com

Is there a special accreditation for press?
Sure. Just check out our ticket shop and register as press – and you’re done!

We are press and are coming with a TV camera team. With whom do I have to speak in order to coordinate things?
Yay! That’s great. And manageable. We have a great team covering all press-related stuff, so reach out for them via media@gamesweekberlin.com and they will help you with every question or difficulty there might be.

Oh no, I missed the online accreditation! Is all hope lost? Can I still join the fun?
No need to wet your pants: Just visit us at the Press counter and show your Press ID – in return, the holy badge will be offered to you.

Do you have any discounts for students?
“Of course. Depending on the event you can save more than 50% by bringing your students pass. More information on tickets can be found in our ticket shop.

We are also looking for volunteers to support us during the event. Volunteers receive a free conference pass as well as food and drink vouchers. Apply here!

Are you on Facebook?
“Wait, let me ask … our intern says “Yes!”. We have a Facebook-Event and a Facebook-Site.

For the full load of information, follow us on Twitter @VRNOWCon and visit us on LinkedIn

What’s your hashtag?
#VRNOWCon, #VRlove

What is a Safe Space Hero?
It is very important to us, that everybody visiting Games Week Berlin and the events within, feels at home and welcome. Here is no place for discrimination of any kind or rude behavior. So it is always a good idea to have a hero on your side, looking out for you and making sure that we keep our space safe for everyone. In case, you feel offended or watch somebody behaving against our policy, just call out for a hero and s*he will handle the situation. Heroes Unite!

Who is behind the VR NOW Con?
The VR NOW Con is brought to you by the Virtual Reality e.V. Berlin-Brandenburg, produced by Booster Space – Made with Love in Berlin. and funded by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.

How many people help you realize this amazing event? Can I join as helping hand?
In our core team, we’re six people – Michael, Tim, Lorenzo, Franziska, Miko and Silja. And if you check out our team site, you can see how very very sexy and lovely we all are. You want to be sexy and lovely too? Join our team as a volunteer.

Does VR NOW Con take place every year?
Huh, let me think … If we do the math and count, we can say – honestly and without any sugarcoating – that in 100% of the years the VR NOW Con was supposed to happen the VR NOW Con happened. So, we will analyse the data of those 100% of planned events that actually happened and – based on the data – we will decide if there is an annual future for VR NOW Con.