The vr now awards 2016

Making VR is adventurous. We celebrate and award the best in Tech, Business and Art. Those who use technology to shape our future. Who use VR for innovative business models. Who give visionary content a new voice.

Award Categories


VR NOW Grand Prize: The best virtual reality project of the year, based on overall quality and innovation, selected from all the nominees in the other categories.


VR NOW Tech Award: The most technically advanced virtual reality projects, tools, services, hardware and techniques.

VR NOW Business Award: The best business use of virtual reality, demonstrating the marketing or business power of VR.


VR NOW Art Award: The most outstanding artistic, creative, and exploratory virtual reality experience.

The Climb

Immersive Deck
Illusion Walk KG

Crows Crows Crows

VR Tech Award: The Nominees

VR Business Award: The Nominees

VR Art Award: The Nominees

VR NOW Award Show

The winners will be announced during the VR NOW Award Show on November 16th, from 7pm at the Schinkelhalle in Potsdam.

The VR NOW Award Show will be moderated by Catherine Duquette and feature a live performance by La Boum Fatale. After-show music entertainment by DJ Chan.

The Award Show and after party are free to all VR NOW Con ticket holders.

The Jury

Our Expert Jury reviewed all submissions and selected the nominees for each award category.

Thomas Bedenk
(VR Consultant at

Maren Demant
(Immersive Experience Designer at tRX)

Cyrill Etter
(Founder at Game Science Center Berlin)

Philip Hausmeier
(Founder and CEO at Metaphysics)

Marcus Richter
(Journalist, Games Reviewer, Presenter at Deutschlandradio Kultur)

Rachel Uwa
(Founder at School of Machines, Making & Make-Believe)

Sara Lisa Vogl
(Indie Dev / VR Shaman)

Thorsten S. Wiedemann
(Founder and Director at A MAZE.)

The Main Jury will select the winners for each award category.

Sönke Kirchhof

Frank Lochter
(Ministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie des Landes Brandenburg)

Stephan Schindler
(Chairman at Virtual Reality e.V. Berlin Brandenburg)

Susanne Stürmer
(President at the Film University Babelsberg, KONRAD WOLF)

Frank Zahn
(CEO at Exozet)

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